Can I send the photos to someone else on the app?

Only the WAL app allows users to send photo recordings to other users

Can I save the photo recordings I take? 

Yes, you can save the photo recordings you take, and they will be available if you delete them.

What is the difference between WAL and SAL?

SAL is an easier simpler version of WAL where users only make recordings and save them. WAL has more features and is updated more regularly.

Can I have WAL and SAL on my phone?


If I have WAL and SAL, do they save the different files in different places? 


Do the apps read pictures of materials?

Yes. The WAL app is capable to snapshot a desire reading material books, magazines, billboards, posters, and any existing materials.

Can the app translate languages?

The user will have the ability to translate from one language to another as well as translate words, texts, and screenshot from one language to another.

Is there voice readback?

The user will be able to audibly hear the capture material.

Can I personalize my voice?

Yes, you will have the capability to record enhance voice playback.

Can I screenshot and get the same results?

Yes, With the use of a cellphone, iPad, laptop, or other electronic devices you can capture a digital image of a desired reading plane.

What about spellcheck?

The user will have the capability to check for spelling and grammar errors in every regional language.

Will the app have dictionary, pronunciation, and encyclopedia support?

Great question.  Yes, the app will have the ability to instantly define a word in all regional languages, provide audible correct pronunciation in all regional languages, as well as provide the user with more in-depth information, reference, and subject matters.

Is this a secure app.

Yes, the app is secured.

Which groups or age group can benefit from the use of this app?

Groups can vary from Education system, Religious groups, Businesses, your everyday user, and all user from toddler to adult.

Will I be able to find this app on other social media outlets?

Yes. The WAL and SAL app will be found on other social media outlets for example Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc.

Is there a price for WAL and SAL?

WAL and SAL are free to use for a limited time.